Check Lottery Ticket Yourself… Otherwise

Here’s an timely notice or warning. Generally most lottery experts will say, continuously check winning lottery tickets yourself. It’s true and needed every time you participate in lottery.

Most lottery retailers are straightforward fair individuals. Furthermore, they get a genuine buzz when their store makes a high lottery winner. Let it be, But eagerness can do upsetting things to anybody.

An ongoing NBC communicate cautioned of the threat of unscrupulous store representatives endeavoring to take winning lottery tickets, and different other scratch off lottery ticket tricks.

Here’s How The Ticket Scam Works

You stroll into your neighborhood store to check your lottery ticket opportunity. That can be a scratch-off ticket or a customary lotto game.

Going to the ‘examine your ticket’ machine, you’re satisfied to see “Congrats, see retailer”. (Most machines don’t disclose to you the amount you have won!)

So you hand over your pass or ticket to the store agent who checks the ticket for you. “Congrats” they state – you are to be sure a winner. “You’ve won a free ticket – here you go, trust you have all the more good karma :- )”.

You leave cheerful. You won. What’s more, your next ticket may very well be the enormous one.

In any case, you’ve quite recently been ripped off.

Actually, this untrustworthy store representative just lied about how much your ticket was extremely worth.

Did they filter the ticket? You can’t exactly recall – you suspect as much, they went to the machine… I think. I don’t recall hearing the champs ‘toll’ however..?

They may have even tossed your ‘losing’ ticket in the garbage (until you exit the entryway).

That store agent kept your pass to claim it later

It might have been worth $50, or a few thousand! You’ll never know since you’ve recently become the most recent casualty of a victim that is notable to the lottery organizations. So notable that their security division utilizes covert specialists to try out stores every once in a while to check whether their staff are being straightforward!

The ‘Fake Scratcher Scan’ Scam

Another considerably less complex way this can work is in the event that YOU don’t try to check the ticket by any means.

Stay nearby close to the lottery counter in any sizeable retailer and you will see this over and over. Some scratch players who are regular will simply scratch off the barcode, not in any case the game panels. At that point, they will simply hand back the ticket to the retailer to see whether they won.

NOTE: for those that don’t have a clue about, the retailer just sweeps the covered up barcode identification into their lottery terminal to see whether it is a champ or not.

This leaves you totally open to being frauded.

Every one of the untrustworthy retailer can act to scan your pass. At that point say “sorry buddy, not a winner this time”, and toss the ticket in the waste. You exit unaware, and they uncover the ticket from underneath the waste canister and they can get a companion to guarantee it or either take it later themselves.

One reason lottery terminals play a champs toll is to attempt and avoid this sort of trick. Sometimes, Numerous lottery terminals are taken cover behind counters where they are difficult to see. What’s more, it’s truly not hard for somebody to put their thumb over the scanner tag so it won’t examine appropriately.

The ‘Pinning’ Scam

You purchase a ticket, attempt your karma – don’t worry about it, it’s a washout, hopefully things will work out sometime down the road right?

But the retailer definitely realized that ticket was a failure when they offered it to you. Since they just duped you by checking it before you even entered the store.

By what method can that occur?

Recollect that concealed standardized identification I referenced over , that must be filtered to check for a triumphant ticket? It’s actually conceivable to scratch sufficiently only to have the option to check it – by evacuating a flimsy line utilizing for example a pin (subsequently the term ‘sticking’) – while as yet leaving the ticket looking unscratched.

That deceptive retailer scratched it, checked it, found it was a losing ticket and set it aside to sell later! In the event that it was a winner they would have gotten it for themselves.

How Rare Is All This?

It’s difficult to state. The lottery organizations themselves are mindful of every one of these tricks and are endeavoring to avoid them. They just research huge prize champs as usual.

They can’t in any way, shape or form explore all the a large number of little prizes that are won each and every week. So it’s in reality considerably bound to occur for little successes where the retailer can essentially say “sorry, no success this time” and cheerfully guarantee your prize.

So How Do You Protect Yourself?

Its basically simple.

Continuously sign the rear of EVERY ticket when you get it.

Check lottery tickets yourself.

Examine each ticket you purchase before you leave the counter – dismiss any harmed or incompletely scratched tickets.

On the off chance that you experience anything sceptical, kindly report it to the lottery organization, they have fraud avoidance groups who will explore further to avoid them. Mostly one should be aware, In the event that you don’t know how the game functions, at that point either pick an alternate one or get it disclosed to you before you play it.


Here’s an timely notice or warning. Generally most lottery experts will say, continuously check winning lottery tickets yourself. It’s true and needed every time you participate in lottery.